Packing up Big Budge


Somehow in the middle of taping up boxes, bidding adieu to our favorite Chicago haunts, and drinking as many Revolution Brews as possible, it had become Sunday, September 22.  Moving day.  Dunkin Donuts + renting the truck + drinking lots of coffee + hitting the road day.  Yes, we were a bit shocked that the date had actually rolled around, yet thankfully we were joined by plenty of Chicago friends to help us pack up our apartment and load the Budget truck.  When we moved from DC in January, we named the large Budget rental truck “Big Budge” and we decided the name should stick for this time around, too. And after just a few caffeinated hours of schlepping everything downstairs and playing Big Budge Tetris with our belongings, we were ready to go.  We couldn’t have done it without Paul, Paul the Hotman Hittman, Daph, Ben, Erin, Bill, and Matt.  We love you guys.  A lot.

Shout out to the bro: our last night before the move was a perfect representation of our time in Chicago.  Thanks for making it happen, even though you were battling a pretty gross sinus infection.  Whaddaaaguy.  Cocktails at Scofflaw followed by two extra large Dante’s pizzas which were as big as the Fiat = a very fond farewell. And to Paul the Hotman: you will be receiving something really, really exciting from the road (think panoramic postcard!) for returning our Comcast router after our departure.  Andrew swore to never speak to another Comcast representative again, so mondo thanks for sparing him of that. 







A couple hundred miles after leaving 2516 California Avenue, we were in Tazewell County, the truck was soon emptied, and our 10×20 storage unit was nearly full. All of our worldly possessions–except a couple duffle bags of clothes and our camping supplies–were stacked neatly in piles within the small space. It honestly didn’t amount to much, but it nonetheless felt like we had just packed up everything we once knew from our day-to-day lives.  Wedding gifts, artwork, favorite books, a lucite coffee table.  We weren’t going to need all that stuff on the road.

After filling up the storage unit, we filled our bellies with a farewell Italian feast at Lago with Los Sloanes, the Watson and Hayes clans, Mitch, Jill, and Parker.  It’s clearly not a party without Fourth Street properly representin’.

Mitch toasted our upcoming trip by gifting us several bottles of Ridge wine. Perfect to have on hand for those I-am-really-really-getting-tired-of-camping nights we were sure to have in coming months!

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