Santa Cruz and 17 Mile Drive


We had been on the road a little more than a week.  The push westward thus far had been a bit neck breaking because we were meeting Cath and Al in Santa Cruz on October 1st.

We had logged more than 3,000 miles in week one.  We were definitely ready for some beach time.

We left Tahoe around 10am and got into warm, sunny Santa Cruz around 3pm that afternoon.  The Gueberts met us on Lighthouse Avenue, cold beers in-hand.

We loaded up on carbs that night at Lillian’s (many thanks to our Lake Tahoe host Emily for the recommendation!) and all woke up early the next morning to explore the famous 17 mile drive along the coast from Monterey to Carmel, and then further south on the 101 to Big Sur.

Highlights include:

  • Cath saying “Holy Schmolely” more than 50 times in 15 minutes.
  • Alan learning that we had made lunch reservations at The Bench at Pebble Beach.  Then he promptly went into cardiac arrest.
  • Andrew driving calmly while the Gueberts continued to loudly exclaim how beautiful everything was and if he could pull over just one more time.
  • Gracie channeling Ellen Boomer while ordering cocktails at The Mission Ranch. (Note: The Mission Ranch is one of Ellen’s favorite places on Earth, so we did our best to have her there in spirit.)


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