Outdoors-y October


In typical Midwestern fashion, when chatting with family members while on the road, the most frequently asked question we hear aside from if we’re ever coming home is “well how’s the weather out there?”

Ok folks. Here’s the resounding answer from California and Oregon: it’s ideal.

Maybe this is karma repaying us for the never ending Chicago winter of 2013.  Or maybe it’s just a sign from the Good Lord that this road trip was a very Good Idea. In any event, we’re on board.

Even San Francisco and Portland, which can both be notoriously foggy, rainy, and chilly even in the summer, have been gloriously warm and sunny during our visits.  We rarely have this good fortune weather-wise.  Remember our earlier post from Great Basin National Park?  Mhmm that’s right.  So given our recent luck, we’ve been spending as much time as possible outdoors. Hiking, sightseeing, eating, drinking, blogging, all out in the natural beauty of America’s Pacific Northwest.

Maybe this weather awesomeness will fade in Seattle, but for the time being, we’re soaking it up like one of Catherine Guebert’s favorite microfiber products, Norwex.

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