We Sailed Away with The General and His Lady


Considering our already established fondness of the ocean, locally roasted coffee, and all things flannel, Seattle was a no brainer for the Foxwells.

Aside from these fine qualities, the Seattle area is also home to a few good friends of ours. Andrew’s college buddy Joe (better known as The General) lives in the Ballard neighborhood with the lovely Adrianne.  Gracie’s distant cousin (not to mention Andrew’s home brewing role model) Ben lives in Mukilteo.  A scenic, coastal city known the world over for its coffee and food and with solid potential for two mooches?

Game on.

After spending a few days along the beautiful and rugged Oregon and Washington coasts, our Seattlexperience began with Joe and Adrianne insisting that we come straight to their apartment for happy hour when we got into town. We brought some beer and wine and a loaf of cinnamon bread for breakfast, yet our attempt at a hostess gift was immediately put to shame by Joe and Adrianne’s unrivaled awesomeness.

(Danell, they don’t have a Marlo.  You still take that cake.)

Joe and Adrianne hugged us like family and ushered us into their warm home which was filled with candles, fresh flowers, and their dining table covered in cheeses, French bread, salami, olives, and fruit. A round of tall Moscow Mules soon followed.

Who WERE these people?  This was not a happy hour; this was a Martha Stewart holiday special.

Pretty soon we were all laughing and telling stories of college, mutual friends, family, and favorite travels.  At one point, Joe made an analogy that we both mentally stored to share on this blog:

Our lives are like a three-legged stool.  One leg represents our friends and family, another leg is a loving personal relationship, and the third leg is professional fulfillment. If any of the legs are extra strong while another is weak, the stool will be uneven. Your life will be out of balance and you’ll eventually fall off the stool.

Even more impressive, Joe shared this great nugget of wisdom after one Moscow Mule and two Scotches.

We agreed though.  In order to achieve the most out of life, we absolutely have to work to keep the stool equally balanced.

After happy hour, the four of us went out to enjoy more liquid merriment and meet up a few of Joe and Adrianne’s friends.  We then had a hell of a great time participating in the local custom of competitive ski ball.  Much to Andrew’s embarrassment, Gracie creamed him with a score of 330.  It was beautiful.


The highlight of evening came when Joe and Adrianne explained our sleeping accommodations for the next two days: a 35-foot sailboat named La Dolce Vita.  As general manager of the Seattle Sailing Club, Joe had the keys to hook us up with The Sweet Life.

We don’t really have anything else in our lives to compare to this sleeping arrangement, so let’s just say sleeping on a sailboat is far superior to sleeping in a Focus.

The next day, the four of us sailed our four star hotel room on a leisurely cruise across Puget Sound to Bainbridge Island.  We kicked the day off with a rousing game of Ticket to Ride, Joe let us take the wheel, and Adrianne even let Andrew make a playlist on her beloved waterproof ipod dock.  After a lunch of fresh crab on Bainbridge, we sailed back to the mainland past the downtown Seattle skyline, an un-fogged sighting of the notoriously shy Mt. Rainier, and a beautiful moon rising.

It doesn’t get much better than a day spent sailing across Puget Sound.  Unless that day concludes with a bluegrass show in a local Seattle club.

Andrew stopped breathing a few times, simply out of shock.

Again, who WERE these people?  It was as if Joe and Adrienne had ordered up our perfect mini-vacation and served it with a side of bacon.  (Which we enjoyed at Hattie’s following the bluegrass show.)

Joe and Adrianne, please come stay with us wherever we land.  We’re just telling you though: set your expectations a bit lower than a private sailboat, fresh crab, and a 14,000 ft. mountain.

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