Foxwell Digital Quoted On Motley Fool About Twitter IPO

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From Andrew: I was recently quoted about Twitter’s upcoming IPO on Motley Fool, one of the most reputable investment websites out there.

And while Facebook may have mastered the mobile advertising business since its IPO, for Twitter, that user base is still a huge opportunity. As Andrew Foxwell, CEO of Foxwell Digital explains,

Facebook has no doubt done a better job at understanding how to get small-and-medium-sized business owners to advertise with them, even on mobile. Conversely, Twitter has not been good at scaling their ad product for small business — or anyone, really to understand.

Since their IPO is coming Thursday, I think it’s helpful to look back on the quotes and thoughts I’ve had about Twitter throughout the last few years.

Social Times, August 2013

Consumers today want to be part of everything they can, and they love to be information leaders. In social circles, the most up-to-date person who grabs news from the Twittersphere has a sense of victory when they can inform friends about something that’s happening, in real-time, in their world. To this end, it’s no surprise that Twitter and TV absolutely are showing statistical correlation of usage. Instead of watching commercials, consumers are turning to their smart phones and tablets, just as they are during any other spare moment. And more often than not, Twitter becomes a place to interact with others and make TV an interactive medium. Twitter has invested heavily in creating ad products around the dual-screen experience and will continue to prove that this does indeed happen on a regular basis.

Ad Exchanger, September 2013

These new releases will ultimately need to be paired with other forms of targeting to yield full value, not unlike Twitter’s keyword targeting product. Another need, on the client side, is stronger performance reporting, Foxwell notes.

Twitter operates on a CPE or cost-per-engagement method, which is tough for showing people quick results that they feel they’ve received a good ROI from,” he says. “I think Twitter should create their own engagement scores that combine statistics and create something like what Facebook has with unique reach. They should tell a greater story about how many people reacted and how quickly to the Promoted Tweet, since Twitter is all about timing.

Ad Exchanger, August 2013

The more Twitter can keep people conversing and showing a brand a value of a consumer conversation, the better,” he noted. “This ad unit is a direct answer from Twitter on how they are going to solve the problem of not every advertiser having an ideal mobile experience.

Ad Exchanger, July 2013

Twitter knows that it can’t disrupt its user experience more, so it’s going to try to make moves as a company with the purchase of MoPub,” commented Andrew Foxwell, Director of Social at PPC Associates. Twitter wants people to think of its brand when they think “mobile ads.” “In the display world, we have networks, so why can’t that be the same with leftover inventory on mobile?”

Quora, February 2012

Twitter does second screen engagement better than any platform because it’s real time, constantly entertaining and adds to the experience.  As a brand, you are better off using a Twitter handle over Facebook because the platform incites conversation that’s in real-time and revolves around creative uses of the brand. Plus it’s public, so that brand is able to show what they received and gather potential feedback in real-time.

Tech President, September 2011

Foxwell said that having more social media managers among [Members of Congress’] senior staff could make their Twitter presences less about partisan politics and more about retail politics — the daily constituent service that is bread and butter for any elected official.

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  • November 6, 2013

    Joey Muller

    Good call on Twitter, Andrew. Last week’s change to auto-expand images was a game changer, IMO!