“Home is Wherever I’m With You”


The saying holds various meanings for us road-tripping Foxwells. First, it brings wide smiles to our faces when we think of Andrew’s former bluegrass band Woody Cabin and the rare jam session in which Leslie and Matt would agree to sing the tune as a playful duet. Secondly, it’s part of one of our favorite art pieces from our dear friend (and Foxwell Digital design guru) Daphne Karagianis, who sent it to us as a housewarming gift for our first apartment together in DC. And lastly, it has become one of our go-to responses we whisper under our breath when folks on the road ask us “where’s home?” or “where do you think you’ll end up?”


While we may not have a home these days, aside from Fordy and her 35-mpg fuel-efficient living room, that doesn’t mean we don’t eventually want brick and mortar of our own. We do. Then again, living out of a duffle bag and a Coleman cooler quickly reminds you how little you actually need—and it also reminds you of the many niceties that come along with having a home of your own. For example, we really miss having our own hot shower—one that doesn’t require quarters and shower sandals that are buried under sleeping bags in the tent. We miss having our own washer and dryer—again, no quarters or bulky laundry bag required!

But we’ve found that we miss most the simple idea of “being home,” that indescribable feeling that sinks in after any long trip. Missing “being home” is different on this trip though, because “home” currently isn’t a specific place or address—it’s just a notion, one we continually discuss and day dream about.

All the more reason why whispering “home is where ever I’m with you” calms our anxieties about the unknown when we get the occasional raised eyebrows from new acquaintances.

So with most of our belongings in storage and no real home address, we’ve been spending long stretches of highway talking about what home ideally means to us. One of the trip’s many goals was for us to clarify where we eventually saw ourselves living and choosing that place together with great care and deliberation. We’ve explored some incredible places over the past few weeks that we admittedly wouldn’t mind calling home—coastal Oregon, northern California, the beautiful desert surrounding Santa Fe. But we also keep coming back to another saying we hold dear…

The Midwest Is Best

Granted, the Midwest isn’t best in mid-February or during summer road construction, but it’s lovely in May and October! It’s also where we originally hail from and its “home” to a whole lot of people we love. Well, except for Scott Walker.

We’ve decided that after we spend Thanksgiving in Illinois, we’ll explore more of the great Midwest, specifically small and unique communities we may want to call “home” someday.

So get ready, Midwesterners. Fordy and The Foxwells are heading your way.

(Leslie and Matt, don’t worry. We’re still coming to New Orleans in December.)



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  • November 15, 2013


    Hi Foxwells, diggin the blog!

    If you want to do some skiing, or want a quiet/pretty b&b for work (that is free), we would love to have you out and you can stay at the cabin if you like. (I know it’s the West, not the Midwest)…