What’s Your Holiday Facebook Marketing Plan?


Facebook advertising can be confusing and intimidating. You may be wondering, “How do I even begin advertising my business or product on Facebook? How much should I spend on an ad campaign? With the holidays are just around the corner, what’s the biggest bang for my advertising buck?”

Here’s what I recommend: take a deep breath, grab a cold Leinenkugel’s Honey Weiss, and email me. I’ve launched countless Facebook campaigns with ad costs ranging from $5/day to $50,000/day. There’s a marketing niche for every business (big or small) on Facebook—and I can help you find yours.

Before launching an ad campaign, I always advise clients to picture their perfect audience. WHO are they? HOW old are they? WHERE are they located? WHAT are they interested in?

One client’s perfect audience recently included “college educated men and women, between the ages of 30-45 who are interested in social activism, regularly read The New Yorker, and buy luxury goods.” Another client wanted to specifically target “married men in urban locations, looking to purchase electronics in the next few months.” I have successfully helped these clients and many others define, locate, and target their perfect online audiences—and they didn’t have to deal with any stress, confusion, or frustration in trying to do it alone.

A recent piece on Mashable.com explains that “Facebook has one million advertisers… Equally impressive is that Facebook has 25 million small businesses with active company pages, which means only 4% of companies that use Facebook to connect with customers are also using the site to advertise. That’s a lot of potential advertising revenue sitting close at hand.”

There are digital marketers who promise unrealistic results and charge very high consultancy fees—I often refer to these folks as “digital dark artists.” Their strategies inevitably fail in the long run because they haven’t truly listened to their clients’ needs. But if you want to build the proper foundation for your business’s online marketing efforts and you’re eager to learn the necessary tools and best practices—then we should definitely talk.

So what’s your holiday marketing plan? Do you have your perfect online audience in mind? Do your Facebook page and business website feature interesting, engaging content that your perfect audience will find compelling?

I’d love to help you develop a multifaceted, budget-conscious plan to suit your exact online needs. If you had a brick and mortar storefront, the last thing you’d want is customers coming into your business and finding dusty product displays, cracked walls, and dirty floors. In the same respect, your online presence shouldn’t be anything less than perfect. In working with Foxwell Digital, your business can shine and continue to grow online.

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