Ohhh We Be Rollin’

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Foxwell Digital has been rollin’ down the road the past few weeks–New Orleans, Savannah, Charleston, DC, and now onto (thankfully) sunny Florida. We’ve been busy blogging and hosting webinars on other sites and not our own! So we’re playing a bit of catch up now. Here are a few of the latest projects we’ve been working on…

Hoping to inspire and motivate others toward following their own passions, Gracie is now a contributor to the career networking site, CareerFuel. Read Gracie’s first post “Start the Conversation to Find Your Next Job” and see the brief excerpt below.

This is a blog post intended to encourage folks to start a conversation. A conversation with yourself, your partner, your children, your parents, your mail carrier. Anyone. Just start being honest with yourself and others on how you’re feeling in your current professional state and where you ideally want your ultimate impact to be.

Andrew recently hosted a webinar with longtime friend Paul Hittman about Facebook advertising. Since October, Facebook has launched a series of important updates focused on direct-response advertising. Paul works for AudienceView, a ticketing software company, and their clients often ask about the value of social advertising. Here Andrew explains why Facebook’s recent changes are critical for all online marketers.

And another fun venture we’ve recently launched–teaching technology classes at the Boca Grande Community Center while here in Florida with our friends Annie and Ellen Boomer. We’ve taught three classes so far and are just getting started. By the time we leave this little island, we’ll have the entire population completely obsessed with their Settings app on their iPhones! Let us know if you’re interested in a live webinar or an in-person presentation regarding “Taking Control of Your iPhone.” We’d be happy to share and spread the news!

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