WhatsApp Folks?


This past week, Facebook acquired WhatsApp, a mobile messaging company for a mere $19 billion. Bad idea? Good idea? And why should we even care? Facebook has also recently launched changes-a-plenty on its advertising platform–and more continue to be rolled out every week. So where’s the giant social network headed next?

To address these and other questions, Andrew was a featured guest on Jon Loomer’s weekly Pubcast. Andrew and Jon geeked out about the WhatsApp acquisition, strategies around website custom audiences, and why businesses may want to dive deeper into their Facebook ad reports. Jon is one of the smartest Facebook advertising experts out there and we here at Foxwell Digital are glad to call him a friend. Take a listen for some insights and laughs.


Andrew was also a featured blogger over at FBPPC.com, one of the leading Facebook advertising blogs. He wrote about all the changes to Facebook ads in 2013.

Read up on his findings and recommendations for Facebook advertising moving forward–here are blogs part one and part two. Happy Friday!


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