Foxwell Digital + Facebook Fit = Small Biz Success

facebook sign

This past week, we gladly participated in the Facebook Fit Chicago conference; an event geared toward helping small businesses reach their online marketing goals through Facebook’s suite of advertising tools. It was a fantastic event–informative, interactive, and full of great giveaways. We even scored $200 in free Facebook ad dollars that we’re looking forward to “re-gifting” to some of our small startup clients.

Small businesses from Chicago and Milwaukee shared their success stories in ramping up their Facebook presence, trying out multi-variate ad messaging (including various combinations of ad copy and creative), and continuing to innovate and experiment all around.

Here were some major takeaways from the conference:

  • The powerful targeting that Facebook offers is more complex and comprehensive than any other online marketing platform.
  • “Custom Audiences” Facebook targeting is the most sophisticated and successful way to target desired customer audiences on Facebook. As an account manager, you can upload a current customer email list to your Facebook account, for which you can then create a “lookalike” audience from, thereby asking Facebook to “discover” and “target” new users that aren’t currently on your customer list but look like your customers in spending habits, interest areas, online behaviors, etc.
  • It’s critical to share creative, descriptive photos and “talk up” your brand in a genuine, consistent voice to attract new customers. Link ads are perfect for garnering up more engagement.
  • Small businesses see unique successes in building visual experiences for customers that haven’t yet visited their retail location. Furthermore, offering those new customers special online deals to visit the retail store is a fantastic example of a powerful Facebook tool.

Attending the conference also meant a fun weekend spent with friends and family in the city. And THAT meant cheering on our favorite Cat 2 cyclist at her weekly track race in Northbrook, grilling out condo-style, enjoying a morning smoothie in a Star Wars glass,  and taking in the beautiful music of Alison Krauss and Willie Nelson at Ravinia. Hmm, Foxwell Digital business trips need to happen more often!

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