Thursday Thoughts on How We Roll


Since launching Foxwell Digital, we’ve repeatedly been asked two questions from other entrepreneurs, friends, and well, total strangers.

First question: How do we stay on top of the latest trends and information regarding our core biz? Second question: How do we successfully obtain client work?

Here are our answers:

We work hard to get ourselves out there, continually meeting new people in effort to both help and learn from them, at 100state and other small business events in our area.

We contribute to and rely on our broader networks of peers and colleagues, such as the Power Hitters Club with Jon Loomer Digital and relevant LinkedIN groups.

We read as much as we can, especially from our online mainstays like Vox, Mashable, TechCrunch, and Ad Age. Our digital subscription to the New York Times is an expense we’ve learned we can’t live without. We also check out otherwise pricey business journals and periodicals such as the Harvard Business Review, the Chronicle of Philanthropy, or BusinessWeek from our local public library.

We prioritize working with friends and family to support their projects and online needs. Because if they succeed, then Foxwell Digital is most definitely cruising down the track it should be on.

And most importantly, we make sure we’re doing the work we want to do. We personally seek out prospective (and at times, unsolicited) client work that frankly just appeals to us. We’ve focused on working with businesses big and small, non-profits and for-profits, that have down-to-earth, mission-driven leaders as well as tangible goals that we know we can truly help them achieve.

We love the outdoors, the arts, music, food, and products that make the world a better place, so why wouldn’t we ask to work with businesses and brands that also focus on those topics? Ultimately, we’ve learned that if you lead by explaining what you’re truly passionate about, then at the very least your current conversation partner will likely have one or two potential clients they offer to connect you with.

Sailing with local entrepreneur, Kate Tecku. She's the owner of The Kombucha Shop as well as the hat Gracie slyly borrowed.

Sailing with local entrepreneur, Kate Tecku. She’s the owner of The Kombucha Shop as well as the hat Gracie slyly borrowed.

Sunset supper with a view

Sunset supper with a view

Madison pleasantly reminds us of Seattle...

Madison pleasantly reminds us of Seattle…




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