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Here’s a fun Monday factoid: when you run a social media consulting firm, you receive a wide range of client questions. Some are relatively simple and straightforward, while others are a bit more complicated. Here’s a doozy: “If we conducted regression analysis on our Facebook page post consumption, do you think we would find anything translatable?”

Umm, yes. Maybe. Definitely. Hold on while I Google regression analysis….

In thinking about our conversations with the 50+ clients we’ve worked with over the past year, we realize we’ve received a handful of repeats. Here are those frequently asked questions and our answers.

Do my Facebook page fans REALLY matter?

Since the infamous decline in Facebook’s organic reach over the past two years, companies, organizations, and individuals feel it’s increasingly difficult to reach their page fans without advertising. They’re right. Facebook has made it harder for you to reach your fans without paying for it. Ultimately though, it’s important to remember that your Facebook page fans are one of your best audiences to advertise to and they are more likely to make a purchase than a non-fan. Most of your fans have either taken the effort to find your page and like it, or you’ve hopefully used targeted advertising to encourage them to like your page. And thus, your fans are people that truly want to hear from you. They want to know what you’re selling them and what you’re up to. Not only can you advertise towards them, but you can also conduct interesting tests and learn more takeaways through your fans, such as market research on what content works for your brand on Facebook, or what messages your fans respond to most. One trick is to use the handy little export button that helps you gain a deeper understanding of how many of your fans are online during a certain period of time, what devices they use to access your page, and how many of them came directly to your website because of Facebook. You can also use the badass tool Audience Insights to help you learn more about your fan base, what they buy, what they like, and much, much more.

In short, your page fans matter. A lot. It just takes some time to learn why.

What are Facebook’s most effective advertising tools?

Facebook has many easy-to-use, impactful advertising tools. It’s honestly tough for us to narrow down the list to just a couple. However, the first tool we always tell businesses and organizations about is Facebook Custom Audiences. This tool allows a page administrator to upload a list of previous in-store/website customers, email subscribers, or potential leads into Facebook’s ads manager with the intent of DIRECTLY TARGETING those individuals with Facebook ads. This is a very effective way to reach people you maybe haven’t spoken to in a while, or if you want to re-engage them with new content, new marketing, or new product offerings. Secondly, you can use your Custom Audiences to create a Lookalike Audience which is a larger, Facebook-generated audience of users who look exactly like that original list you uploaded, based on about 1,500 unique factors such as age, gender, household income, etc.

There are other Facebook advertising tools to find your ideal audience member/customer/consumer. For example, there’s workplace targeting (where do they work, what type of work do they do), consumer behavior targeting (what do they buy based on credit history and more) and additional targeting options based on what Facebook pages people like, or on items/topics users discuss frequently. Combine all of these tools, and you can launch highly targeted, powerful ads for your biz.

Do I need a mobile-friendly aka “responsive” website?

A very loud, very emphatic YES. According to a recent comScore report, 72% of all Americans own a smartphone AND the number one app in the world is Facebook. Ah need we say more? Consumers are shopping on their mobile devices, looking at Facebook on their mobile devices, and managing their bank accounts on their mobile devices. Perhaps more importantly, consumers are doing all of these things multiple times a day. Therefore, if you’re selling a product online, encouraging users to spend time on your company’s website, or hoping to engage fans in an online conversation, it’s essential that their experience on your site is straightforward, seamless, and tailored to include mobile-responsive design. Take a critical look at your website on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. How does it look? How can it be better?

Our marketing budget is pretty lean. Is it even worth testing a couple hundred bucks on Facebook ads? 

Even if your budget is small, there’s absolutely no reason you shouldn’t be running Facebook ads. With dozens of different applications, a wide variety of ad units, and nearly limitless customer targeting options, you’d be very hard pressed to find an easier advertising medium for both small/first time advertisers and for big/savvy marketers alike. You can tailor ads to send users directly to your site, publicize time-sensitive content or promotions, make sales pitches to your perfect customer, and promote that awesome new product video that only has 23 views on YouTube. Honestly, you don’t need a big budget to make an impact and to learn more about what works for your company or organization.

We hope you’ve found these FAQs helpful. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have more questions, or other items to discuss.

We would love to hear from you. (Yes. Even you, Mom.)



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