A Pirate Looks at Thirty


Foxwell Digital kicked off 2015 with a company vacation. It was our first non-working vacation—no client calls, no Skype sessions, no late night emailing blitzes. After working straight through the holidays on year-end fundraising campaigns and e-commerce Christmas sales, we were ready to literally and proverbially unplug.

For eight wonderful days, we lounged on the beach, snorkeled in St. John’s picturesque bays, sipped Pina Coladas poolside, and did our best to drive on the left side of the road. We were joined by Gracie’s family: Alan, Catherine, Paul, and Paul’s better half, Annemarie. We had several late nights—none of which included email—but all included poker, Euchre, more Pina Coladas, and a pirate’s booty of board games. We also celebrated Gracie’s 30th birthday, Annemarie’s 35th, and Catherine’s 60th in style.


Now that we’ve been home for a few days and have spent some time reflecting, we have some takeaways to share from our Caribbean vacation:

  1. It has become increasingly difficult for us techies to put down our laptops, turn off our phones, and not reply to every email within 4 minutes. Granted, our business depends on this kind of connectivity, but a blissful week without all that technology was long overdue. Case in point: when we arrived at the home we had rented and immediately jumped in the ice-cold pool, we gleefully remembered the simple beauty of letting go.
  2. Foxwell Digital operates with only two employees but when we’re in need of a vacation, it’s perfectly okay to hire some part-time help to keep an eye on client accounts, emails, and any other needs that may crop up. Even small business owners need a break and our clients were more than happy to oblige us with some downtime. We didn’t have one client hiccup the entire vacation, so we’ve already recruited some part-time help for future travels.
  3. We need to do this more often. Even throughout our 35,000 mile road trip last year, we continually connected with clients, worked out of cafes and public libraries, and wrangled up new biz everywhere from Washington State to Washington DC. While we have the flexibility of working for ourselves and being able to work from anywhere, we still should make it a point to travel and NOT work from time to time. (Of course all that said, our upcoming trips to New Orleans, Austin, and San Diego will all involve working—sprinkled in with some National Park hikes and visits to inspiring co-working spaces in classic Foxwell Digital fashion.)
  4. And lastly, it’s good to be home. While it was wonderful to soak up some Vitamin D and swim with tropical fish, we’re happy to be back on the block.

Here’s why: we love what we do and we intentionally chose to work with each and every one of our clients. Taking time off for a mid-winter beach vacay was a treat, but being at the helm of our own biz and helping people, companies, and organizations all over the country is even sweeter.

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