Migrating South & Meandering Home


In November 2013, we wrote the blog post Home is Wherever I’m With You. We were three months into what would become a nearly nine-month, 35,000-mile trip. The post focused on the idea of eventually having to choose a home base and what that future might hold.

Skip ahead 15 months. We’ve found a home base that we love and we’re proud to be part of our local community. In any given week, we’re hosting meetings at 100state, taking midday work breaks at Kula, making new friends at Instameets and civic gatherings, and connecting with clients and fellow entrepreneurs all over the city. We love living and working in Madison, and leaving home isn’t that easy anymore.

Unless it’s 9 degrees and snowing.

At which point, we check Fordy’s tire pressure, pack up our trusty REI duffels, and drive south until we can peel off a few Smart Wool base layers.

We spent the past two weeks on a southern swing through Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas, with short stopovers in Gracie’s hometown and Memphis, and longer stints in New Orleans and Austin. We had already planned on celebrating Mardi Gras with friends in the Big Easy and adding Austin to the itinerary was an easy decision since it had long been on our U.S. bucket list.

We queued up this winter road trip in typical Foxwell Digital fashion: long drives on Fridays and Saturdays so as not to disrupt regularly scheduled client meetings, weekdays spent giving in-person presentations and pro bono office hours at various co-working spaces, and soaking up the local flare during the late afternoons and evenings–at museums, food trucks, city parks, state trails, and of course, parades featuring rainbow-colored puppies.

Now that we’re home and bundled up, we’ve had the chance to compile our southern “favorites” list:

  • It was a wonderful opportunity to host group presentations and one-on-one meetings at Austin’s Capital Factory and NOLA’s Propeller. We met with business owners, non-profit directors, and start-up founders to help them with online marketing, organizational fundraising, and content strategy. Much to our surprise, our event in Austin drew over 75 attendees and a standing room only crowd. Thankfully, we’re loud talkers.
  • We drove a total of 3,300 miles and ate roughly the same amount in calories…every day. In our defense, this feat was easily achieved thanks to multiple shrimp po’ boys, several helpings of Texas BBQ, a traditional Bayou crawfish boil, dozens of slices of Mardi Gras King Cake, and daily doses of Sazerac.
  • We were fortunate to spend time catching up with dear friends—Matt, Leslie, Bridget, Dani, and Bernie in New Orleans and Ashley in Austin.  We were also reminded of the dear friends we’ve come to know (and subsequently miss) here. While we were gone, we received multiple invites to go cross-country skiing, snow shoeing, or ice fishing. Even away, we were reminded how Wisconsinites are warm-hearted, hearty folks. Now that we’re back in the northern tundra, we better strap on those skis and join them.

After all, we’re home.

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