California Dreamin’ and Workin’


In classic Foxwell Digital mode, we’ve been home for more than a week and we’re just now publishing a blog post about our trip to San Diego. Also in classic Foxwell Digital mode, we needed to travel to southern California for a three-day conference, so naturally we spent thirteen days basking in the sun, sand, and smog. Here’s why: wi-fi really is everywhere, folks. As we’ve preached in this blog many times before, you can run a business from almost anywhere. On that note, Gracie may or may not have contacted the Orange County Parks Department about free wi-fi access at various local beaches.

We’re home on Vilas Avenue and while our suntans have already faded, our warm memories of So Cal have not. Here are a few that we continue to savor:

Meeting professional heroes and mentors at Social Media Marketing World. After following Jon Loomer, Chris Brogan, Marcus Sheridan and others via their webinars, podcasts, and email newsletters for years, we finally had the chance to meet everyone in person, grab drinks, and swap stories about distant Irish cousins.

Reconnecting with old friends Anne, Molly, Nick, and Jeanette. We met loads of new friends at the conference but catching up and laughing late into the night with Gracie’s study abroad roommate, Andrew’s favorite co-worker ever and her Ticket to Ride-loving boyfriend, plus Gracie’s grade school pal, made the two weeks fly by even faster. Perhaps most notably, we frolicked in Del Mar with an adorable Instagram celebrity: Anne’s famous cockapoo, Millie, has a mere 1,400+ followers.

Ocean kayaking in La Jolla and learning to surf at Pacific Beach. Each week, we coach Blake and Chase on Facebook marketing, authentic storytelling, and website content direction. Working with them and their company, Blenders Eyewear, is one of the things we love most about Foxwell Digital—we help startups scale sustainably and oftentimes that collaboration leads to our clients becoming our friends. (Important note: both Foxwell Digital co-founders got up on their surfboards multiple times. Andrew’s years spent skateboarding in his barn half-pipe were especially formative in this regard.)

Enjoying a mini-getaway with our Madison pal and fellow water sports enthusiast, Tyler. When we mentioned in February that we were traveling to San Diego for a conference, our friend casually asked if we’d be open to him tagging along for a few days. “Umm, do you know us at all?” was our light-hearted response. Tyler joined us for a long weekend in Mission Bay and we had such a grand time, we’re already planning a 2016 return trip.

Remembering that this is precisely why we work, and why we work hard. When we have the opportunity to extend a trip like this one, visit old friends, make new ones, and work remotely from a new location, we remember that this is indeed why we started working for ourselves. Foxwell Digital’s liberal leave policy not only helps us work smarter and more effectively, it also helps motivate us when we’re snowed in under several inches of Wisconsin snow.

There’s always sunny Cali.

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