The Summer Internship

It’s been a highly unusual summer at Foxwell Digital HQ—we’ve pretty much stayed put. Aside from a couple quick trips to northern Wisconsin, the Twin Cities, and southern Illinois, our summer weekends have revolved around house projects, hanging out with friends and neighbors on the front porch, gobbling up CSA goodies, and spending the majority of our free time with our newest family member and energetic co-worker.

Now five months old and thirty pounds of lovable fluff, Wingra the goldendoodle is growing fast. Her favorite pastimes include afternoon swims in her namesake lake, neighborhood strolls with other pups, and snoozing under mom or dad’s desk during the workday. She has also turned out to be quite the social media starlet, so her summer internship in digital marketing is already getting positive reviews from her hiring managers.

Andrew has adjusted nicely to having another details-oriented lady on the team and Gracie is grateful to finally have another gal pal in the office. Speaking of office buddies, Gracie’s dear friend from Washington, DC and longtime co-worker Devorah is getting married in Santa Fe, NM over Labor Day weekend, so our low-key summer at home will wrap up with a classic Foxwell Digital road trip.

To celebrate America’s national park centennial (who isn’t?!) and to get our driving juices flowing after months of grillin and chillin, we’ve got an ambitious itinerary which includes stops at Rocky Mountain, Mesa Verde, Canyonlands, Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, and Badlands. This will be Winnie’s first big road trip, so hopefully she enjoys sharing the backseat with our beloved cooler, Andrew’s smelly Keens, and Gracie’s towering stack of audio books. We won’t be taking Fordy on this trip, however, since an SUV was needed to bring Winnie’s oodles of doodle toys and plenty of Wisconsin beer for the newlyweds.

Be sure to watch the hashtag #WingraGoesWest for updates and pics!

Every time we take Foxwell Digital on the road, we remember to work smarter and more deliberately. We spend less time staring at emails and scrolling though social media feeds and more time soaking up the new sights and flavors surrounding us. We block our calendars to have back-to-back client calls during long drives and production work during early mornings at Airbnbs. We still work hard on internet-less hikes by sketching out multi-year projects and professional goals—perhaps another book, an expanded Foxwell Digital team, and a continually evolving client roster of globally conscious companies and nonprofits.

We often reflect on how if we hadn’t moved to Madison we would’ve very likely moved out west. And so whenever we return to the ear-popping mountains or to the magically minimalist desert, we remember to stop, toast the road trip that started it all, and remember to remain ever grateful that we do what we do.

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