It’s officially fall and the Foxwell Digital team is home after spending three weeks and over 5,000 miles driving through 10 states, 8 national parks, and 1 much needed car wash. We traipsed out west to celebrate the wedding of our friends Devorah and Jeff (obviously we had to bring out a few cases of Wisconsin beer) and also to introduce Winnie to her parents’ love of the open road. She did remarkably well on her first big road trip; her days consisted of sleeping in awkward positions in the backseat, discovering loads of new, exotic insects, and running through muddy, mountain streams.

#WingraGoesWest didn’t quite break the internet but Winnie did sign a few autographs for admiring tourists and dog-loving kiddos. Our fur baby’s most devoted fan was Avery, a 7 year-old girl in Fort Collins, Colorado who politely asked us if she could sit at our outdoor table while her parents sampled a beer flight nearby. We happily agreed and Avery proceeded to spend the next 90 minutes petting Wingra nonstop. Which brings us to a helpful reminder for all the parents out there: no need to bring along the coloring books and iPads to entertain your son or daughter when you eat out, just book a session with a local goldendoodle and you’ll be set.

Some of our favorite moments from the road trip were visiting friends and chowing down on elk steaks in Bozeman, watching fall creep into Colorado at 12,000 feet up on Trail Ridge Road, observing bison mammas cautiously guide their kiddos around bubbling geysers in Yellowstone, sipping sunset cocktails in front of the majestic Tetons, and returning to The City Different to savor our favorite Christmas chile, restock on Zuni fetishes, and of course toast the glowing bride and groom.

With other fall trips to Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, and Tennessee on the calendar, we decided to release the most recent volume of The Foxwell Digital Download as a video instead of our standard print edition. Hopefully you’ve already signed up for our monthly installment, but if you’re baffled as to what we’re even talking about, then here’s the sign-up info and a bunch of past issues to whet your appetite.

In addition to some weekend trips, we’re going to spend the next several weeks developing holiday client campaigns, perfecting Wingra’s Halloween costume, cheering on the Packers, and canning up CSA goodies for winter. So if you’re in town and in need of some hot soup (or just a cold beverage), stop on by. Winnie would love to make you her new best friend. Avery, after all, is 900 miles away.

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