Roaming Charges

We’ve heard from several friends that Vancouver, British Columbia is a must-see. So following our four-day stint on the Olympic Peninsula and after we…


Seattle Part Deux

After bidding farewell to La Dolce Vita, Joe, and Adrianne, we packed up Fordy and made our way to the airport. No, we weren’t…

Working from our hotel room in San Fran

Life as Digital Nomads

From Gracie: Some of you have asked us how it’s been working from the road. Others have asked if we won the Illinois lottery….


Put a biscuit on it

From Andrew: Do you enjoy artisanal food?  Your answer must be yes.  Who doesn’t? Name me one person who doesn’t enjoy some made-from-scratch grub…

Gracie and Marlo bonding time

Marlo’s Castle

After spending a night in a dingy, paper-thin walled boarding house in Bend (yes, that happened), we were ready for some good old fashioned…