Who We Are

Andrew Foxwell 

Andrew grew up on a farm in western Wisconsin, where his Macintosh Quadra 610 with its lightning fast 28.8K dial-up connection first sparked his interest in digital marketing.

After graduating from St. Olaf College, Andrew went on to work as a Windows server engineer and then as a digital director for a U.S. Congressional campaign, which led him to Washington, DC to work as a press secretary/new media director for a U.S. Congressman.

Recognizing an opportunity for improved digital communications between members of Congress and their constituents, Andrew founded and managed the social media marketing agency within iConstituent, the leading online communications firm working with Congress. Andrew worked with members and staffs from both sides of the aisle to deepen much needed Congressional dialogue, improve constituent services, and create a more effective 21st century democracy.

Andrew then took his diverse skill set to Silicon Valley where he directed the social media division of 3Q Digital, a full-service online marketing firm. There he tripled the agency’s social media client base, managed a team of account managers and production professionals, and oversaw an average monthly revenue growth of more than 20%.

Andrew’s interests include kayaking, fishing, wearing flannel, and cheering on the Packers.


Gracie Foxwell 

Gracie grew up in central Illinois and spent the majority of her youth reading library books on the otherwise uninteresting school bus ride. A crowning achievement came at age nine when her Young Authors book took first prize. Gracie’s literary masterpiece was awarded with an exclusive dinner at Pizza Hut with her teacher.

After graduating cum laude from Saint Mary’s College, Gracie worked as an English teacher in Italy then moved to Washington, DC in 2008 and joined the Foreign Policy program at The Brookings Institution. There she wrote and edited grant proposals for the $25 million program and successfully cultivated and solicited new funding from major foundations, U.S. and foreign governments, and various domestic and international corporations.

Following her years at Brookings, Gracie worked as a strategic partnerships officer at The Keystone Center and The Keystone Science School, Colorado-based non-profits focused on environmental education and conflict mediation. There Gracie personally managed grant writing, grant reporting, and programmatic planning for the curriculum/educator programs while also advising the CEO on institutional strategic planning, marketing, and administration.

Gracie is the co-author and editor of The Land of Milk and Uncle Honey, which was published by University of Illinois Press in May 2015.

Gracie’s interests include traveling, collecting new cookbooks, and enjoying most any glass of Pinot Noir.